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9 Townyard Lane, Malahide, Co.Dublin 01 531 2900

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Our Ethos



We have searched the length and breadth of the country to source the best cattle from only genetically traceable rare

breed suckler herds.


Ribeye only use traditional Irish bred cattle and sustainable stock from rare breed herds that are traceable from farm to fork and that are a minimum of 60% plus genetic thoroughbreds.



All of the beef served in RIbeye has a minimum hanging time of 30 days on the carcass. Only then will the cattle be

butchered and each cut is then hung in Dry Ageing temperature-controlled, well-circulated hanging chambers for

up to 60 days (depending on the cut).


The process of Dry Ageing is the optimum and most consistent method of meat maturation. The flavours are

allowed to intensify with a slightly nutty

profile in a controlled environment and the tissue tenderises without disturbing its

'make up'.




Marbling is the distribution of fat throughout the muscle. Good quality meats should have a moderate to a high-temperature degree of marbling. At Ribeye, we insist on all our

beef being moderate to highly marbled to 

ensure the juiciest most flavoursome

meat possible.

During the cooking process, the marbling renders down leaving the meat full of flavour incredibly tender and so,

so succulent!


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Location & Opening Hours

9 Townyard Lane, Malahide, Co.Dublin, K36 H027


Monday to Saturday 17:00 - 21:30 & Sunday 17:00 - 20:00 (21:00 on Bank Holidays)

Open from 4pm on the following dates:

Friday 21st June - Take That 

Wednesday 26th June - LCD Soundsystem 

Friday 28th June - Shania Twain 

Sunday 7th of June - Arcade Fire 


Sunday 12:00 - 16:30

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